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MySQL Query:SELECT g.goods_id, g.store_id, g.goods_name, g.spec_qty, g.if_show, g.closed, g.add_time, g.default_image, gs.price, s.store_name, s.sgrade, s.domain, s.im_qq, s.im_ww, gst.views, gst.sales, gst.comments FROM shop8_goods g LEFT JOIN shop8_goods_spec gs ON g.default_spec = gs.spec_id LEFT JOIN shop8_store s ON g.store_id = s.store_id LEFT JOIN shop8_sgrade sg ON s.sgrade = sg.grade_id LEFT JOIN shop8_goods_statistics gst ON g.goods_id = gst.goods_id WHERE g.if_show = 1 AND g.closed = 0 AND s.state = 1 AND g.cate_id_ = '12' AND gs.spec_id IS NOT NULL AND s.store_id IS NOT NULL LIMIT 0,20
Wrong File: \eccore\model\mysql.php[534]
Error File: \eccore\model\mysql.php at 286 line. >> mysql_error_report
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